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It has been a long time since I’ve shared a blog post as I have been focusing on my photography business and making sure the right people see my work.  Well someone noticed my work and reached out to me through my website’s contact form. At first I wasn’t sure whether or not it was a legit email or someone had made a mistake by reaching out to me inquiring about my business. But how could they it was through my website.

At the time of the email I was in the living room with my Mom catching up with her regarding her day and enjoying a cup of tea. With a little chuckle and a smirk on my face I looked to her and said, “ Someone from the Royal Gazette wants to interview me about my business.” Her reaction to my statement was so far left from what I thought it would be I asked her if she was being for real or not. My Mom was ecstatic and celebrating the opportunity and suggested I accept the interview request. I was a little unsure about doing so because I’m a private person who does not like to draw too much attention. I picked up my phone to message my cousin and her response also was to accept! A part of me was really looking for someone to tell me not to do it and feed me nothing but negative energy, and that was not happening.  I thought about it for a moment and realized this was yet another moment I had been waiting for. I worked so hard to get my business to the point it’s at now how could I have the audacity to think of saying no?!  

I responded to Ms. Jessie Hardy from the Business section of The Royal Gazette and before I knew it, I was scheduled for an interview Friday February 15th, 2019 at 10am. So this meant I wasn’t being punked, I wasn’t dreaming and the email was meant for me!  What drew Ms. Hardy to my website was a newborn photo I captured of my client’s son on Facebook. I had recently completed a photo session with my client and her son and couldn’t wait to share her son’s photo.

Friday morning came and I was prepared to share my journey with Bermuda, show them that I meant business and it was not a game.  I arrived at the Royal Gazette office with camera in tow and pre answered questions in my mind ready to fire away. However, I sat down and the nerves made an appearance and I forgot most of what I wanted to say. I mean I could have led the interview, but I froze big time! Not to worry because I handed Ms. Hardy my business card which prompted her to have a deeper look at my website and she kindly sent more questions via email. This time I was ready and the nerves were nowhere to be found.

I only mentioned my interview to a handful of people just incase the story didn’t run. And then those that knew didn’t know when it was going to hit the papers, myself included.

Monday morning the sun was shining and I had a laundry list of things to do. I was so focused on making sure I was prepared for the day I had completely forgotten about the interview. Then messages began to pour in and my heart skipped a few beats, I wasn’t ready.  I was more prepared to answer further questions Ms. Hardy may have had but that weren’t the case. I pushed the anxiety aside as best I could and dressed appropriately for the day. The outpour of love on the streets, via messages and emails was overwhelming but I had to accept this moment. It was my time to shine, why fight it and push it away?! I had some down time to post this moment on my social media platforms and more love poured in on top of client bookings and inquiries.

“I made the damn paper and in the Business section!” Was what I said throughout the day and from time to time I still do, someone pinch me.

DW Perception was never intended to turn into a business. It was a hobby I found therapeutic during my down time. A hobby that I still enjoy to this day and take every opportunity I can to learn something new about it. Drives to unknown areas around the island and walks through railway trails with my camera is my reward after a productive day. I only wanted to take photographs of landscapes and architecture but once the requests began to come in for private functions and events I started considering the idea of making some extra funds. I wanted to gain more experience first before being compensated for my services but that was a fight I had to let go of and fast! The inquiries and bookings were coming in faster than I could prepare a strategy on how I wanted to proceed. 

Members of the public had seen potential through my scenic photography despite the number of likes on social media. There was no time to second-guess myself only to begin hard research and practice to execute the mission. Family and friends have been nothing but supportive of this journey. I missed a few memorable occasions but they understood what I needed to do to get where I am today. 

I have been daydreaming a lot over the past year of owning my own studio and small gallery, a unique space that allows me to carry out photo sessions and present my work available for purchase. I have so many ideas on how I want the design and layout of my space to be I can almost touch it.

Overall this has been such an amazing journey and I am grateful for every lesson learnt. It wasn’t by far an easy road but I did what ever I needed to do, to maintain my peace of mind and happiness. I have faith this journey will continue to be a memorable experience. 

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