As I continue to grow in the world of photography I tend to accept most challenges that come my way. However, I have been consistently declining wedding request for many reason’s. Until one day I was asked to by the primary photographer to be the secondary photographer for a small wedding. Only this time I thought about the opportunity rather than swiftly declining. I accepted but informed the primary photographer that I have never photographed a wedding before, only assisted with lighting. I figured since I would not alone I’ll give it a try and face my biggest photography fear.


Wedding day arrived and I was well rested and ready to head out at 6:30 a.m. I ensured I packed enough snacks, beverages, batteries and memory cards, wouldn’t want to get caught out and miss a great shot for any of the above reasons!

I started the day by capturing details around the house leading into hair and makeup that portrayed beauty and elegance. By doing this it gave me the opportunity to get comfortable with the family and regain some confidence with my camera.

It was about time to head to the church yet the heavens thought it was an appropriate time send down showers of blessings. That didn’t stop the bride as she insisted on making her way to the groom. With style and grace the bride made her way down the aisle alongside her proud father. I captured each moment possible without a fear in sight.

The wedding was a traditional Bermudian wedding, held on a Thursday morning followed by a small reception filled finger foods and cake! The bride and groom shared an intimate moment together on the dance floor that could melt your heart. The wedding party and immediate family members joined them on the dance floor briefly before the reception continued.


It was time for photos and the weather give us the opportunity to make our way to Botanical Gardens! The sun was timely as it provided enough lighting for me to capture the true essence of the couples love an appreciation for one another. I couldn’t be more pleased with the images I captured.

The day wasn’t quite done yet, as cocktails and dinner followed at the family homestead. A private moment shared together with immediate family members, catered by Four Ways Inn. I snapped a few final shots of details around the house and the family interacting.

I reflected on the day and smiled to myself as I realized it was a fear facing moment to remember.


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