The City of Hamilton hosted their annual Food Festival from September 17th through to September 23rd. I had my heart set out on attending the Just Desserts event and indulge in assorted sweets!

Just Desserts took place at the lower level of Pier 6 with food vendors from MEF, Confessions, Sugar Shack, Bermuda Cupcake Co., Coco Vida, Sweet Saak, and Savoury Kernals catering specifically to my sweet tooth. Every serving was absolutely divine, my personal favorites were the cheese cake, lemon tart and coconut gelato. Proseco and Rosè accompanied the desserts in addition to responsible options such as assorted teas, coffee and bottled water.

To the left of the room were the Simons Brothers on guitar, piano and drums. Their excellent music selections and outstanding skills pleased the audience as applause filled the room after each song. I for one had an urge to get up and dance but with little room to spare for such movements I settled for confined dance moves in my seat.

The event was coming to a close and take away containers were distributed to everyone. I filled my container with sweets and left happy to know not one dollar went to waste.





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