This was a trip I had thought about for quite some time, thanks to the travel channel. It never really seemed possible until instagram came along and travel bloggers sharing there experience and suggestions. At first I was trying to visit all of my Italy dream locations but changed my mind at the last minute to only visit Amalfi Coast and Capri.

The experience is something I will not forget. This trip wasn’t completely solo as I met up with a dear old friend on the second day to enjoy the experience with. Glad I met up with someone I knew as there was a language barrier in Italy and it’s stress relieving having someone who speaks English to assist with communicating requests.  With me coming from London then going to Italy I was extremely jet legged so my first day was a bit daunting. I wanted to leave on the next plane smoking but with a hot shower, a meal,  and a good nights rest all was right with the world and the adventure was going in the right direction. I treated myself to pastries and sweets the following morning before heading out for a walk to capture the amazing views of the coast. Most tourist stay in Amalfi or Sorrento but with the time I wanted to travel I couldn’t find anything within budget in those areas. I’m sure something would have been within budget had I booked earlier in the year. I booked end of March with travel dates in June.  We stayed at a boutique hotel in Praiano showcasing gorgeous views of the coast in a quiet neighborhood. I was a little annoyed with how far it was from Amalfi but it turned out the be the better location to visit all the towns. Praiano is located in the middle so the travel time didn’t seem so bad at all. Positano, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, was truly something to remember.  May I suggest you to take the ferry or the bus as much as possible as this will save you money. There are cars and bikes to rent but I personally don’t advise it. Bermuda has some crazy windy roads but the turns along the coast were so deep that they are mostly blind turns. The locals are skilled and brave as they travel at whatever speed they desire without errors. If you want to try it, go for it and don’t hold up the traffic, you will get honked or yelled at… I gave you forewarning!

From Positano we caught the ferry to Capri and enjoyed the chair lift tour for an overview look of Capri. I had to pinch myself a few times but it didn’t work I was still in disbelief that I finally made it to Capri. With the times of the ferry and the times of the Blue Grotto tours we were not successfully in visiting but was content with the chair lift tour regardless.

Normally I would book tours in advance for travel destinations such as this but I decided to keep it impromptu, for a number of reasons and I’m glad we did. We did however book one Lemon Groove Food Tour that was absolutely amazing !!!! It took place in Sorrento which was an early rise to catch the first bus smoking. Sorrento was the furthest distance to travel but we arrived just in time for the tour.

Next stop was Amalfi, to eat some more and unexpectedly more shopping. I’m the one that had no intentions on shopping and did the most shopping. It wasn’t bad but I had to purchase a bigger suitcase to compensate the few new items that was not fitting comfortably.

I didn’t get as much photos as I wanted to but I have a few to share.


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