I never had intentions on traveling solo, especially at the age of 31 but I also don’t have the patience to wait around for my desired travel dates to become convenient for others. A lot of people I know have done a great deal of travelling for their age and I want the same! So, I did my first solo trip to New York City but I didn’t plan that very well, lesson learned! So two years later or so I said to myself, ” Dee, we are doing that trip over and we’re going to do it your way. It will not be the average NYC shopping trip, it will be some adventure involved.” So said, so done! From that trip on I promised myself to continue to take at least one trip a year to somewhere on my bucket list and I am totally in love with the new person I’ve become. She’s hella cute , confident and I dig her!

End of May I took my solo travels to London, United Kingdom, a trip I was super anxious to do but super driven to do regardless. The thought of a long 6 hour flight from Bermuda was not my idea of fun. Yes you fly out at night and arrive in the morning but I could not find sleep anywhere, not even in the bottom of my wine glass (plastic cup really -_-).

Well I finally landed in London and the adventure began. I felt as though I had been there before, I was comfortable and confident. There were so many helpful people along the way and not to mention the flagged reminders in my mind from friends and bloggers to guide me along, I was absolutely fine. With the recent terror attacks in London I was on my P’s and Q’s for any suspicious behavior. With keeping that in mind I still managed to have an amazing time. Met up with a few friends residing in London here and there but most of the time it was me and google maps.

Now prior to going to London I was informed on how expensive it is and how I will need so much money to go. Negative.  It is not outrageous at all. Yes I was prepared to pick up a quick hustle hear and there to feed myself but that wasn’t necessary. Just to give you an idea my hotel’s breakfast meals where five pounds, yes just five pounds. I was handing her fifty pounds and her response was, ” Do you have anything smaller?” LOL people do your research prior to travelling as there will be times when your dear informers may in fact be incorrect. They mean well but I went on a budget and all was well.

I managed to get my head out of the clouds and capture the uniqueness of London during my walk – about. I want to return to London to grab more content but I have other dream destinations to grace my presence with so it may have to wait.


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